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   Having grown up in Colbert County Alabama in the 50's and 60's I was fortunate to experience quail hunting on a level one can only dream about today. I got my first shotgun on my ninth birthday and have been bird hunting since that time. Prior to getting that little Iver Johnson 20 gauge I tagged along with my dad or any other bird hunter that would allow me. Even at that young age I was fascinated by the natural traits of pointing dogs.

   After growing up my love of pointing dogs remained with me and in 1978 I built my first real kennel. I raised English Pointers and took in a limited amount of training business from the public. I continued to breed and train pointers until 1999.

first kennel 1978

   In the summer of 1998 I received a call from a lady in Birmingham explaining that due to her husbands death she had a Llewellin setter bitch in need of a hunting home. I reluctantly accepted, mostly out of pity for the recently widowed lady. Little did I know that I had just been given a dog that would change my entire outlook on pointing dogs. Lady was a loyal companion to me until her death at age eleven.

   During the last five years or so I have acquired Llewelin pups from most of the major breeders as well as several small breeders. These pups were carefully evaluated for the qualities that I think make good bird dogs as well as the right temperament for training and doubling as family pets. MANY pups were culled because they lacked one or more of my required traits.

present kennel

   The five year evaluation process has brought me to the point where I am now. As my long awaited retirement grows nearer I am breeding a limited number of Llewellins. High Cotton Llewellins are bred for traits such as nose, heat tolerance, boldness, natural point and trainability. All dogs are OFA certified at 24 months of age, are Field Dog Stud Book registered and DNA certified.

New home for Ladies in waiting

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